Weekly Fix

weekly-fixFashion: I have asked myself this question a million times too! How to pronounce ASOS:

Beauty: I have done it. The world will have softer hands due to this amazing product from Archipelago Botanicals. I hate hand cream. I hate the way it makes my hands greasy and cannot stand smelling like flowers or chocolate for that matter. The “Soy Creme Milk No/3” is probably the best hand creme I have used in my life. That is a bold statement readers. It truly keeps your hands moisturized through numerous hand washings and smells delightful. Find it at your local beauty supply store.


Lifestyle: Tomorrow I start my first Fly Wheel Spinning Class. I am not going to lie, I am nervous and excited at the same time. I used to spin for a good year straight but since have fallen off the bandwagon. Fly Wheel Sports is a new swanky spinning studio from New York setting its mark on West Coast Territory. Check them out here.

Music: Drake- Girls Like Beyonce

Random: I tried Coconut Water for the first time. Um, Bad idea. I want my $7.00 back.



Project Ethos In Los Angeles ’13

Rushing out of work it’s 7 PM, I get changed, apply make up, grab my co-worker and off we went to the official Project Ethos bash in Hollywood. Traffic was a mess; naturally. Lucky enough we were on the buyer guest list and gained easy access to one of the most anticipating nights of Los Angeles Fashion Week. We walk in the music is loud and fashionistas are strutting their stuff around the lobby with drinks in hand. Non stop whispers about the fashion shows and friendly outfit detail exchanges were interesting to overhear. I wore a black Marciano jumpsuit with YSL black pumps and a statement necklace I scooped up from TJ Maxx. My co-worker wore a lace Diane Von Furstenberg LBD number with a golden zipper panel in the back. We talked, we laughed, and we enjoyed all the LA based designers showing their latest collections. Deandri, Hale Bob, Pas Pour Toi, and K. Dorsey were amongst the designers whose runways were fun to watch. The gig was sponsored by Scion with a sold out venue and guest models from America’s Next Top Model and Shahs of Sunset. Nightlife marketing platform French Tuesdays were there to add a dose of sophistication with their exclusive members who also attended the party. Till next year LAFW.



Weekly Fix

Beauty Tippin: Use a leave in conditioner for the winter season. Hair tends to get very dry this time of year.

Fashion Tippin: Try a metallic clutch for the holidays. Adds edge to any outfit.

Lifestyle Tippin: Run Forest! Run! Keep running readers, even if you trip and fall. Ok stop if that happens.

Song of the Week: Kate Boy- “Northern Lights”

Random: Why is it so awkward to eat in the car? (People stare)

Avant Garde Paris “Claudine” Cuff

What a modern take on a french cuff. Oxidized silver, black crystal, and style. Catch it on Shopbop for $182.00


Alex & Afton- Vintage Never Gets Old

My 2nd week at work circa 2008, and there walked in this beautiful blond haired, blue eyed Texan. The store manager. Catie Brakeen. I fell in love with her style and witty sense of humor. We ended up being beloved friends more than co-workers.

Catie’s style is edgy and vintage inspired. She can literally wear a paper brown bag and look amazing. She shines like a star. She knows designers, she knows what looks good with what, and above all of that, she can style. The texan version of Rachel ZOE.

Collecting vintage pieces for over a decade, she now owns her own store in Texas called Alex & Afton. Combining the middle names of her and her sister, Alex & Afton is also available online: Etsy & Copius. Visit her Facebook page for daily updates: Alex & Afton

Her favorite quote: “Fashion now isn’t about how big your diamonds are, or the logo on your bag–it’s about having the freedom to work without a formula.” Alber Elbaz Lanvin

Check out her style: 

Photo Credit: Alex & Afton