Weekly Fix

weekly-fixFashion: I have asked myself this question a million times too! How to pronounce ASOS:

Beauty: I have done it. The world will have softer hands due to this amazing product from Archipelago Botanicals. I hate hand cream. I hate the way it makes my hands greasy and cannot stand smelling like flowers or chocolate for that matter. The “Soy Creme Milk No/3” is probably the best hand creme I have used in my life. That is a bold statement readers. It truly keeps your hands moisturized through numerous hand washings and smells delightful. Find it at your local beauty supply store.


Lifestyle: Tomorrow I start my first Fly Wheel Spinning Class. I am not going to lie, I am nervous and excited at the same time. I used to spin for a good year straight but since have fallen off the bandwagon. Fly Wheel Sports is a new swanky spinning studio from New York setting its mark on West Coast Territory. Check them out here.

Music: Drake- Girls Like Beyonce

Random: I tried Coconut Water for the first time. Um, Bad idea. I want my $7.00 back.



Weekly Fix

Beauty Tippin: Use a leave in conditioner for the winter season. Hair tends to get very dry this time of year.

Fashion Tippin: Try a metallic clutch for the holidays. Adds edge to any outfit.

Lifestyle Tippin: Run Forest! Run! Keep running readers, even if you trip and fall. Ok stop if that happens.

Song of the Week: Kate Boy- “Northern Lights”

Random: Why is it so awkward to eat in the car? (People stare)

My Beauty Essentials

Make-up is so much fun. I am guilty of spending a couple hours too many at Sephora when I feel I have nothing to do. “ME” time as I like to call it.

I like to experiment frequently with new products but my essentials usually don’t change.


1. Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Foundation.

2. Bobbi Brown Blush Brush.

3. Bobbi Brown Blush in Apricot.

4. Chanel bronzer in Terre Ambre.

5. YSL Highlighter.

6. Diorshow Mascara & Maybelline Mascara. I LOVE LASH!

How To Tame Static Hair

The colder the season gets, the more static hair creates. The weather is just one factor though. Dry hair, chemically treated hair, and high PH levels can create extra unwanted static.

I have come to find these tips help: 

1. Dryer Sheets- Swipe it on your brush or directly onto your hair.

2. Ionic Heat Products- Ions will help reduce the static and frizz. Double Whammy.

3. Hair Spray- Spray your brush and then brush your hair.

4. Boar Brush- A brush with boar bristles lessen static compared to a plastic brush.

5. Leave In Conditioner- Will help moisturize and weigh hair down.

6. Don’t wash your hair too often- This strips your hair from natural oils.

7. Body Lotion- Use sparingly in the palms of your hand and smooth hair.

You are welcome.

Photo Credit: MetropolisHair

Weekly Fix

Beauty Tippin: If the consistency of sunscreen bothers you, use a mineral based sunblock that applies just like powder.

Fashion Tippin: I think we can all retire our boyfriend jeans.

Lifestyle Tippin: Make a conscious effort to stop talking about other people.

Song of the week: Adele- Skyfall

Random: Wearing everything in your jewelry box and calling it an “arm party” is kind of annoying. There is an art to that too.

Weekly Fix

Beauty Tip: Use Saline Solution to make your mascara brand new again. Only within a couple of months though not like 5 years…

Fashion Tip: If you are short-waisted, wear your shirts untucked. It takes the attention away from your waist.

Lifestyle Tip: Do not over think. The situation will not change due to over thinking.

Song of the Week: Waldeck- Get Up Carmen

Random: Dogs in strollers confuse me.

Weekly Fix

Beauty Tip: Using powder on your eyebrows is not only easier but healthier for the hair. Pencils yank at the skin!

Fashion Tip: Mixing more than two patterns together can get tricky. Stick to two max.

Lifestyle Tip: Exude positive energy into the universe for the universe to reciprocate it.

Song of the Week: Beach House- Better Times

Random: Why do people still wear Uggs with shorts?

Weekly Fix

Beauty Tip: Don’t use concealer that is too light. Instead of concealing, it makes dark circles even more obvious. Forget using powder concealers while you are at it.

Fashion Tip: Wearing High-Waist undies help cover tummy bulge and look great under dresses that synch at the waist.

Lifestyle Tip: Bad things do happen to good people. I learned this the hard way but am accepting of it. Bitterness is not sweet.

Song of the Week: Rihanna- Diamonds in the Sky

Random: Why carry a fake designer handbag? I can tell.


Mascara Base by Shiseido

The more lash the merrier.

Lash, lash, and more lash!

Maybe its the lashes?

However you want to go about it, lashes are the most seductive feature of the eye. In case you don’t want to wear faux lashes ( hoping that you do not on a daily basis because that is tacky), a base is your best friend. I personally love the one by Shiseido. The product does not clump and adds so much length and curve. For $24.00, your eyes will love you! The grammy for best base mascara goes to…..SHISEIDO.

 Photo Credit: Nordstrom

Miracle Skin Transformer by Sarah McNamara

As I was replacing my mascara at Sephora a couple of days ago, (since when can you leave that place with just ONE thing) I gravitated towards my usual Laura Mercier under eye concealer as well. As I was getting ready to pay, one of the sales associates pointed out the new “Miracle Skin Transformer” concealer by Sarah McNamara. It was a little more expensive but the lady swore by it. I am your typical consumer as sad as it is to say, so I went ahead and bought it. I am so happy I did! I went and bought the “Miracle Skin Transformer” mattifyer the next day as well.

Concealer: $36.00, this concealer covers, corrects, and makes all your imperfections disappear. For Real.

Mattifyer: $48.00, I have oily skin and NEED a mattifying product if I plan on going out somewhere fancy haha. This product literally goes on like silk, has sunscreen, and allows your foundation to sit perfectly for hours. Love, love, love.

Check them out: Miracle Skin Transformer 

 Photo Credit: Hydroxone Blog

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