Alex & Afton- Vintage Never Gets Old

My 2nd week at work circa 2008, and there walked in this beautiful blond haired, blue eyed Texan. The store manager. Catie Brakeen. I fell in love with her style and witty sense of humor. We ended up being beloved friends more than co-workers.

Catie’s style is edgy and vintage inspired. She can literally wear a paper brown bag and look amazing. She shines like a star. She knows designers, she knows what looks good with what, and above all of that, she can style. The texan version of Rachel ZOE.

Collecting vintage pieces for over a decade, she now owns her own store in Texas called Alex & Afton. Combining the middle names of her and her sister, Alex & Afton is also available online: Etsy & Copius. Visit her Facebook page for daily updates: Alex & Afton

Her favorite quote: “Fashion now isn’t about how big your diamonds are, or the logo on your bag–it’s about having the freedom to work without a formula.” Alber Elbaz Lanvin

Check out her style: 

Photo Credit: Alex & Afton


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