Sarine Marie Photo Shoot

Over the past couple weeks, I was lucky enough to style Yerevan Magazine’s fashion feature shoot featuring Los Angeles local designer Sarine Marie. Sarine Marie has been designing since she itty bitty and her line is a fresh take on sophisticated California living. Here are a few unedited pictures from the shoot.

Photos taken by Tikko Studios

Styled by Sol Kojababian








Weekly Fix

weekly-fixFashion: I have asked myself this question a million times too! How to pronounce ASOS:

Beauty: I have done it. The world will have softer hands due to this amazing product from Archipelago Botanicals. I hate hand cream. I hate the way it makes my hands greasy and cannot stand smelling like flowers or chocolate for that matter. The “Soy Creme Milk No/3” is probably the best hand creme I have used in my life. That is a bold statement readers. It truly keeps your hands moisturized through numerous hand washings and smells delightful. Find it at your local beauty supply store.


Lifestyle: Tomorrow I start my first Fly Wheel Spinning Class. I am not going to lie, I am nervous and excited at the same time. I used to spin for a good year straight but since have fallen off the bandwagon. Fly Wheel Sports is a new swanky spinning studio from New York setting its mark on West Coast Territory. Check them out here.

Music: Drake- Girls Like Beyonce

Random: I tried Coconut Water for the first time. Um, Bad idea. I want my $7.00 back.


On The Radar: Pastel Pants

Maybe its the whole Easter thing but I just cannot have enough pastel colored pants lately. This obviously isn’t anything new considering color denim has been trending for a couple of years now. Not being a fan of color much, I am proud of myself.

Pink is obviously my favorite.




How You Know L.A. Has Gotten To Your Head

Vacationing in Los Angeles when I was younger was probably my favorite thing to do. Germany was just so cold, and yeah, cold. In LA, I had my grandma, I had all these Armenian family members, palm trees, and swimming pools. I loved it. But actually moving to LA, was more of a culture shock. All of a sudden the glitz and glam started to become a reality and those beautiful palm trees that I oh so admired as a kid, I wouldn’t notice anymore. Living in LA is much different from vacationing in LA. People, Places, and Food tend to be artificial and the term “LALA Land” could not be more fitting at times. With all of that, it really depends on the individual to take the best of Los Angeles and leave the rest. If you can do that, Hollyweird is actually a grand place. We got the weather, the stars, the boutiques, cinemas, the restaurants, and Disneyland, duh.

Here are the signs that LA has taken over you: 

1. Your Iphone does not misspell Christian Louboutin.

2. Besides good looks, checking out a potential dating candidates job, car, living situation, and dress style before even knowing their name (men and women.)

3. Knowing what Kale, Stevia, Vegan, Erewhon Market, and the movie “The Cove” is.

4. Swearing by Babycakes Cupcakes because Sprinkles and Crumbs are so last year.

5. Obsessing over NYC.

6. Signing up for Bikram Yoga, Soulcycle, or Cardio Barre.

7. Gucci this, Louis that.

8. Taking a picture of yourself at every single event in your life and posting it on Instagram. This includes dentist visits, work-outs, baby showers, while driving? How does that even work.

9. Only drinking wine or champagne.

10. Wearing boots, a scarf, and a hat when it is merely 70 degrees outside. God forbid its somewhat cold.

11. Abbreviating every word.

Obviously- Obvi | Dinner- Din Din | PerfectPerf | Crazy Cray | Whatever Whateves

Delicious Delish | CasualCaj | Adorable Adorbs | BummerBums | Hilarious- Hilar

12. Being too cool for everything.

13. You Brunch.

14. The thought of taking a bus, taxi, train, or riding a bike gives you flashbacks of dangerous gangster movies.

15. You are in Vegas or Palm Springs for everyone’s birthday.

16. You prefer Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Lactose Free Milk, or Rice Milk. Why is regular milk not good enough anymore?

17. Attending a Liberal Arts College.

18. Asking people if they attended a Liberal Arts College.

19. Speaking a foreign language. Because everywhere else, it’s not a big deal.

20. Driving a Mini Cooper.

We are all guilty. 

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Weekly Fix

Beauty Tippin: If the consistency of sunscreen bothers you, use a mineral based sunblock that applies just like powder.

Fashion Tippin: I think we can all retire our boyfriend jeans.

Lifestyle Tippin: Make a conscious effort to stop talking about other people.

Song of the week: Adele- Skyfall

Random: Wearing everything in your jewelry box and calling it an “arm party” is kind of annoying. There is an art to that too.

Eden Burger Bar

Eden Burger Bar– 333 1/2 North Verdugo Road, Glendale, CA 91206
T: 818-552-2212
W: Eden Burger Bar 

Finding good burger restaurants is no task to take lightly considering the whole burger bar and gastropub scene is blowing up in Los Angeles. We got Umami, Stout, Father’s Office, amongst others that have been getting a lot of buzz. I used to love 8 oz on Melrose but due to internal mishaps, the restaurant no longer exists.

Technically we can’t talk burgers without Five Guys, In n Out, Tommy’s, Fatburger, and The Counter; but I am talking more of that gourmet swag. I have said it before and I will say it again, a good cheeseburger is my ultimate euphoria. Kind of embarrassing but there was a week where I ate a cheeseburger every single day (do not judge me.)

On a recent lunch outing, I came across Eden Burger Bar located in the heart of Glendale, California. Glendale wouldn’t be my first place to expect a killer burger joint but as the saying goes, never say never. Eden is tucked away within a shopping center on the corner of Chevy Chase and Verdugo Blvd. Walking in, the decor is ultra chic and cozy. Shades of dark purple, silver and black make up the main color scheme with some fabulous art hanging from the walls. The restaurant has a full bar, inside seating, as well as an outside patio. The hostess was sweet as can be and offered excellent customer service  throughout my stay.

The restaurants main focus is burgers but they also had pizzas, salads, and sandwiches to choose from. I chose the “Eden” burger cooked medium with their special remoulade and arugula. The restaurant gives you the option of a couple of different types of sides and dipping sauces as well. How fun right? I chose the bistro fries with some spicy ketchup. My delicious burger was served on a brioche bun, made with kobe beef, and topped with heirloom tomatoes. With one word, this burger was AMAZING. The prices are on point as well. Five Stars * * * * *

Everything about Eden struck me. The location, the service, and the tasty food. This restaurant is bound to catch on as they have already planned to expand throughout the city including Hollywood, Westwood, and Downtown. I have eaten a lot of gourmet burgers in my life and Eden Burger Lounge  is a #1 winner in my book. I will most definitely go back and spread the word.

What Makes You Happy

Have you ever done some deep soul questioning and asked yourself what is it that makes one truly happy? I bet you if a scientist did some form of a study, most people would agree on the same things. Most of them would probably be very simple too. Simplicity is good. Sure materialistic items bring joy into our lives but that feeling is rarely long-lived. We are then stuck in that devil’s circle of buying and longing for the next best thing. Habits such as these are engrained in us from childhood.

Remember being a little child and crying to your mom to buy you a toy at the supermarket? In your simple 5-year-old mind, the world would have ended if you did not go home with that Barbie doll or that Hot Wheels car. Most likely than not, your mom would cave and just buy it for you so you can stop whining. With so much excitement and joy, your life was complete for the next oh, 3 hours? That toy just like every other toy would be tossed to the side and you would be focused on what newer plaything they advertised on TV that morning. That same childlike behavior is not solely childlike and adults practice it daily. Just different types of materialistic things like shoes, clothes, and cars.

Isn’t it funny how our surroundings change our views on happiness as well? If I lived in a small town in Montana lets say, I probably would not be obsessing over the newest Marc Jacobs purse as I would in Los Angeles. Why? Because I would acclimate to my peers and somewhat adjust to their simple lifestyle. I would still be outrageous but my point is clear.

A good friend told me to make a list of all the things that make me really happy and have a written record rather than a subconscious one.

So I did and here it goes:

1. Spending time with my family and best friends.

2. My mom’s cooking.

3. Dancing.

4. The sun.

5. Eating steak with french fries.

6. Holding a baby.

7. Uncontrollable laughter.

8. Listening to live music.

9. Watching a play.

10. Art Museums.

11. Shopping.

12. Memories of my childhood and my grandma.

13. Family vacations.

14. Helping others.

15. Singing at the top of my lungs.

16. Taking dance classes.

17. Weddings.

18. Writing.

19. Buying nice clothes.

20. Laying out under the sun.

21. Listening to music almost 24 hours a day.

22. Kissing people’s hands.

23. Bread, Pomegranates, Berries, Diet Coke, Cheeseburgers, Pink Champagne, and Beef Stroganoff.

24. Having something passed on from my grandma, aunts, or my mom.

25. Meeting people who understand me.

26. And of course, giving love and being loved.

The list can go on but I think that just about sums it up. What would your list look like?

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Weekly Fix

Beauty Tip: Using powder on your eyebrows is not only easier but healthier for the hair. Pencils yank at the skin!

Fashion Tip: Mixing more than two patterns together can get tricky. Stick to two max.

Lifestyle Tip: Exude positive energy into the universe for the universe to reciprocate it.

Song of the Week: Beach House- Better Times

Random: Why do people still wear Uggs with shorts?

Weekly Fix

Beauty Tip: Don’t use concealer that is too light. Instead of concealing, it makes dark circles even more obvious. Forget using powder concealers while you are at it.

Fashion Tip: Wearing High-Waist undies help cover tummy bulge and look great under dresses that synch at the waist.

Lifestyle Tip: Bad things do happen to good people. I learned this the hard way but am accepting of it. Bitterness is not sweet.

Song of the Week: Rihanna- Diamonds in the Sky

Random: Why carry a fake designer handbag? I can tell.