Eden Burger Bar

Eden Burger Bar– 333 1/2 North Verdugo Road, Glendale, CA 91206
T: 818-552-2212
W: Eden Burger Bar 

Finding good burger restaurants is no task to take lightly considering the whole burger bar and gastropub scene is blowing up in Los Angeles. We got Umami, Stout, Father’s Office, amongst others that have been getting a lot of buzz. I used to love 8 oz on Melrose but due to internal mishaps, the restaurant no longer exists.

Technically we can’t talk burgers without Five Guys, In n Out, Tommy’s, Fatburger, and The Counter; but I am talking more of that gourmet swag. I have said it before and I will say it again, a good cheeseburger is my ultimate euphoria. Kind of embarrassing but there was a week where I ate a cheeseburger every single day (do not judge me.)

On a recent lunch outing, I came across Eden Burger Bar located in the heart of Glendale, California. Glendale wouldn’t be my first place to expect a killer burger joint but as the saying goes, never say never. Eden is tucked away within a shopping center on the corner of Chevy Chase and Verdugo Blvd. Walking in, the decor is ultra chic and cozy. Shades of dark purple, silver and black make up the main color scheme with some fabulous art hanging from the walls. The restaurant has a full bar, inside seating, as well as an outside patio. The hostess was sweet as can be and offered excellent customer service  throughout my stay.

The restaurants main focus is burgers but they also had pizzas, salads, and sandwiches to choose from. I chose the “Eden” burger cooked medium with their special remoulade and arugula. The restaurant gives you the option of a couple of different types of sides and dipping sauces as well. How fun right? I chose the bistro fries with some spicy ketchup. My delicious burger was served on a brioche bun, made with kobe beef, and topped with heirloom tomatoes. With one word, this burger was AMAZING. The prices are on point as well. Five Stars * * * * *

Everything about Eden struck me. The location, the service, and the tasty food. This restaurant is bound to catch on as they have already planned to expand throughout the city including Hollywood, Westwood, and Downtown. I have eaten a lot of gourmet burgers in my life and Eden Burger Lounge  is a #1 winner in my book. I will most definitely go back and spread the word.


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