How To Tame Static Hair

The colder the season gets, the more static hair creates. The weather is just one factor though. Dry hair, chemically treated hair, and high PH levels can create extra unwanted static.

I have come to find these tips help: 

1. Dryer Sheets- Swipe it on your brush or directly onto your hair.

2. Ionic Heat Products- Ions will help reduce the static and frizz. Double Whammy.

3. Hair Spray- Spray your brush and then brush your hair.

4. Boar Brush- A brush with boar bristles lessen static compared to a plastic brush.

5. Leave In Conditioner- Will help moisturize and weigh hair down.

6. Don’t wash your hair too often- This strips your hair from natural oils.

7. Body Lotion- Use sparingly in the palms of your hand and smooth hair.

You are welcome.

Photo Credit: MetropolisHair