On The Radar: Pastel Pants

Maybe its the whole Easter thing but I just cannot have enough pastel colored pants lately. This obviously isn’t anything new considering color denim has been trending for a couple of years now. Not being a fan of color much, I am proud of myself.

Pink is obviously my favorite.






A regular button down shirt you say? I beg to differ. In the late 70’s when women’s fashion was taking a left turn into men’s wear, French designer Christian Restoin was one of the first to introduce the classic men’s shirt into the women’s ready-to-wear industry. I believe in tailored basics where craftsmanship and quality make the difference. Simplicity is always key in my book. I would rather have 1 nice shirt than 5 mass-produced shirts because that 1 nice shirt will last longer and most likely never go out of style. Today, the creative director of Current Elliot and Joie have taken Equipment to the next level. My new favorite is Brett’ from the Femme collection. It sits a little slimmer and has only 1 pocket detail. Of course, I purchased it in 100% silk coral and would ideally pair it with white skinny jeans. I can wear it a million and one ways. No buyer’s remorse here. Get it at shopbop, bloomies, or Pickett Fences on Larchmont Boulevard for $198.00

Photo Credit: Shopbop

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Electric Blue Denim

I splurged on my red jeans remember? Alright well I will not do it again on color denim. Plus, red denim is timeless. At American Eagle I found the cutest pair of rocking blue  skinny jeans. For 44.50, I would buy three pairs if I needed any other color. They also come in red! Cute, affordable, and just plain fun.  I wore them with a plain white scoop long sleeve t-shirt, a brown belt, and jelly sandals. They would be cute with slouchy brown boots and a camel cardigan as well. Cheers.

visit them at www.ae.com

 via americaneagleoutfitters.com

Red Jeans for Spring!

I have an obsession with jeans that is no secret! The other day I was sitting outside my store ans thought to myself, I WANT RED JEANS! This trend has come and gone, but for my personal wardrobe I think I need a pair. I was thinking of wearing red skinny jeans, a white tank or tee with a black leather jacket! Or, red jeans with espadrilles and a nautical top!


via yahoo.com, denim blog.com