Miracle Skin Transformer by Sarah McNamara

As I was replacing my mascara at Sephora a couple of days ago, (since when can you leave that place with just ONE thing) I gravitated towards my usual Laura Mercier under eye concealer as well. As I was getting ready to pay, one of the sales associates pointed out the new “Miracle Skin Transformer” concealer by Sarah McNamara. It was a little more expensive but the lady swore by it. I am your typical consumer as sad as it is to say, so I went ahead and bought it. I am so happy I did! I went and bought the “Miracle Skin Transformer” mattifyer the next day as well.

Concealer: $36.00, this concealer covers, corrects, and makes all your imperfections disappear. For Real.

Mattifyer: $48.00, I have oily skin and NEED a mattifying product if I plan on going out somewhere fancy haha. This product literally goes on like silk, has sunscreen, and allows your foundation to sit perfectly for hours. Love, love, love.

Check them out: Miracle Skin Transformer 

 Photo Credit: Hydroxone Blog

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