Brian Atwood Dancing Shoes

I have been lusting over the “Liese” bootie by Brian Atwood for a couple of months now. Finally they are on sale which means they are mine. Weepee. I now have the perfect dancing shoes for the holidays.

Get them also on sale at Saks!

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The Wynonna Bootie

Love these booties from Anthropologie. Soon they will be mine! Muahahaha.

J.Crew “MacAlister” Leopard Wedge Bootie

Ok, I am not so sure how I feel about paying $400.00 for a pair of shoes from J.Crew. Yes, their quality is good, their styles are trendy, etc…but $400? Calling J.Crew back to earth. Calling J.Crew back to earth. I just cannot seem to get these booties out of my pretty little retail addicted head. Made in Italy, Made in Italy, justify it, Made it Italy.

Check them out: J.Crew Bootie 

Photo by: J. Crew