Fight the Freeze & Save Your Lips

This sudden weather change is really playing a number on my skin and lips. For the past couple days I have been walking around with the red lipstick effect that is very much unintentional. Even with continuous lip balm application, I still look like a little kid who cannot stop licking her lips. Awful. The aesthetic is not my only concern.To top of the embarrassing looks, my lips hurt and itch!

I am taking matters into my own hands. Try these tips if you are suffering like I am.

1. Naturally, stop licking your lips. You may think this provides moisture, it only does the opposite.

2. Do not apply lipstick. The dyes in lipstick further irritate your lips.

3. Drink water. Hydrate your body.

4. Use a balm that is petroleum-based. Vaseline and Aquaphor are good ones.

5. Apply balm at night. This allows your lips to heal while you are sleeping.

6. Exfoliate. Use a wet toothbrush gently to remove dead skin. GENTLY.

These will only help, the rest is a long waiting process until your body adjusts to the seasonal changes.


MAC Prep + Prime

I am not always up to wearing heavy concealer, especially during the day. Plus, I think the more I wear it, the more my eyes get used to needing it. Instead, I like to use Prep + Prime by MAC as an alternative.

I switch it up between the YSL highlighter and this one. It could be used in place of a concealer if applied with a brush.

This magical pen comes in 3 easy shades.

 Photo Credit: Beautiful Makeup Search 

Weekly Fix

BEAUTY TIPPIN: Keeping your eyes open while applying liquid
eyeliner will give you a straighter line.

FASHION TIPPIN: Shop for a pair of velvet leggings for the holidays. So festive.

LIFESTYLE TIPPIN: Manage your time wisely and you will see how much more you can fit in your day (As I waste time on Facebook.)

SONG OF THE WEEK: Calvin Harris ft. Florence- Sweet Nothing

RANDOM THOUGHT: I just cannot wrap my head around harem pants.

My Beauty Essentials

Make-up is so much fun. I am guilty of spending a couple hours too many at Sephora when I feel I have nothing to do. “ME” time as I like to call it.

I like to experiment frequently with new products but my essentials usually don’t change.


1. Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Foundation.

2. Bobbi Brown Blush Brush.

3. Bobbi Brown Blush in Apricot.

4. Chanel bronzer in Terre Ambre.

5. YSL Highlighter.

6. Diorshow Mascara & Maybelline Mascara. I LOVE LASH!

How To Tame Static Hair

The colder the season gets, the more static hair creates. The weather is just one factor though. Dry hair, chemically treated hair, and high PH levels can create extra unwanted static.

I have come to find these tips help: 

1. Dryer Sheets- Swipe it on your brush or directly onto your hair.

2. Ionic Heat Products- Ions will help reduce the static and frizz. Double Whammy.

3. Hair Spray- Spray your brush and then brush your hair.

4. Boar Brush- A brush with boar bristles lessen static compared to a plastic brush.

5. Leave In Conditioner- Will help moisturize and weigh hair down.

6. Don’t wash your hair too often- This strips your hair from natural oils.

7. Body Lotion- Use sparingly in the palms of your hand and smooth hair.

You are welcome.

Photo Credit: MetropolisHair

Weekly Fix

Beauty Tippin: If the consistency of sunscreen bothers you, use a mineral based sunblock that applies just like powder.

Fashion Tippin: I think we can all retire our boyfriend jeans.

Lifestyle Tippin: Make a conscious effort to stop talking about other people.

Song of the week: Adele- Skyfall

Random: Wearing everything in your jewelry box and calling it an “arm party” is kind of annoying. There is an art to that too.

Weekly Fix

Beauty Tip: Using powder on your eyebrows is not only easier but healthier for the hair. Pencils yank at the skin!

Fashion Tip: Mixing more than two patterns together can get tricky. Stick to two max.

Lifestyle Tip: Exude positive energy into the universe for the universe to reciprocate it.

Song of the Week: Beach House- Better Times

Random: Why do people still wear Uggs with shorts?