How You Know L.A. Has Gotten To Your Head

Vacationing in Los Angeles when I was younger was probably my favorite thing to do. Germany was just so cold, and yeah, cold. In LA, I had my grandma, I had all these Armenian family members, palm trees, and swimming pools. I loved it. But actually moving to LA, was more of a culture shock. All of a sudden the glitz and glam started to become a reality and those beautiful palm trees that I oh so admired as a kid, I wouldn’t notice anymore. Living in LA is much different from vacationing in LA. People, Places, and Food tend to be artificial and the term “LALA Land” could not be more fitting at times. With all of that, it really depends on the individual to take the best of Los Angeles and leave the rest. If you can do that, Hollyweird is actually a grand place. We got the weather, the stars, the boutiques, cinemas, the restaurants, and Disneyland, duh.

Here are the signs that LA has taken over you: 

1. Your Iphone does not misspell Christian Louboutin.

2. Besides good looks, checking out a potential dating candidates job, car, living situation, and dress style before even knowing their name (men and women.)

3. Knowing what Kale, Stevia, Vegan, Erewhon Market, and the movie “The Cove” is.

4. Swearing by Babycakes Cupcakes because Sprinkles and Crumbs are so last year.

5. Obsessing over NYC.

6. Signing up for Bikram Yoga, Soulcycle, or Cardio Barre.

7. Gucci this, Louis that.

8. Taking a picture of yourself at every single event in your life and posting it on Instagram. This includes dentist visits, work-outs, baby showers, while driving? How does that even work.

9. Only drinking wine or champagne.

10. Wearing boots, a scarf, and a hat when it is merely 70 degrees outside. God forbid its somewhat cold.

11. Abbreviating every word.

Obviously- Obvi | Dinner- Din Din | PerfectPerf | Crazy Cray | Whatever Whateves

Delicious Delish | CasualCaj | Adorable Adorbs | BummerBums | Hilarious- Hilar

12. Being too cool for everything.

13. You Brunch.

14. The thought of taking a bus, taxi, train, or riding a bike gives you flashbacks of dangerous gangster movies.

15. You are in Vegas or Palm Springs for everyone’s birthday.

16. You prefer Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Lactose Free Milk, or Rice Milk. Why is regular milk not good enough anymore?

17. Attending a Liberal Arts College.

18. Asking people if they attended a Liberal Arts College.

19. Speaking a foreign language. Because everywhere else, it’s not a big deal.

20. Driving a Mini Cooper.

We are all guilty. 

Photo Credit: Wikipedia


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