Flock Flock Flock by Jennifer Henry

LA Fashion Week has been in full swing highlighting up and coming local designers. With fashion shows in downtown LA and pool parties in Hollywood, the scene is packed with creative flow.Talking about creative flow, alternative material couture designer Jennifer Henry does not shy away from being noticed.

Last night, fashionistas kicked off the official “LA Fashion Weekend” held at the Sunset Gower Studios with Henry’s designs being the main focus. “I work only with alternative materials. It’s fun and allows me to be free with my designs,” she says. What stands behind the quirky name Flock Flock Flock? I am sure you are wondering just as much as I was. Well, for Jennifer, her brand name could mean more than just one thing. “The word flock is so unique. It has many different uses in the english language. It could refer to a group that stay together or in design terms, flock wallpaper. Not to mention the fact that it really stays in your head after the third time,” she laughs. Designing with paper, cellophane, and other fabulous materials makes Flock Flock Flock stand out from the crowd.

Nobu Hotel in Caeser’s Palace Las Vegas asked Henry to create 5 characters that embody the Nobu lifestyle to be showcased at the opening party for “LA Fashion Weekend.” One of the characters she created resembled a wave made out of clear cellophane. Her style is edgy, avant garde, and whimsical.

Check her out: FlockFlockFlock


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