What Makes You Happy

Have you ever done some deep soul questioning and asked yourself what is it that makes one truly happy? I bet you if a scientist did some form of a study, most people would agree on the same things. Most of them would probably be very simple too. Simplicity is good. Sure materialistic items bring joy into our lives but that feeling is rarely long-lived. We are then stuck in that devil’s circle of buying and longing for the next best thing. Habits such as these are engrained in us from childhood.

Remember being a little child and crying to your mom to buy you a toy at the supermarket? In your simple 5-year-old mind, the world would have ended if you did not go home with that Barbie doll or that Hot Wheels car. Most likely than not, your mom would cave and just buy it for you so you can stop whining. With so much excitement and joy, your life was complete for the next oh, 3 hours? That toy just like every other toy would be tossed to the side and you would be focused on what newer plaything they advertised on TV that morning. That same childlike behavior is not solely childlike and adults practice it daily. Just different types of materialistic things like shoes, clothes, and cars.

Isn’t it funny how our surroundings change our views on happiness as well? If I lived in a small town in Montana lets say, I probably would not be obsessing over the newest Marc Jacobs purse as I would in Los Angeles. Why? Because I would acclimate to my peers and somewhat adjust to their simple lifestyle. I would still be outrageous but my point is clear.

A good friend told me to make a list of all the things that make me really happy and have a written record rather than a subconscious one.

So I did and here it goes:

1. Spending time with my family and best friends.

2. My mom’s cooking.

3. Dancing.

4. The sun.

5. Eating steak with french fries.

6. Holding a baby.

7. Uncontrollable laughter.

8. Listening to live music.

9. Watching a play.

10. Art Museums.

11. Shopping.

12. Memories of my childhood and my grandma.

13. Family vacations.

14. Helping others.

15. Singing at the top of my lungs.

16. Taking dance classes.

17. Weddings.

18. Writing.

19. Buying nice clothes.

20. Laying out under the sun.

21. Listening to music almost 24 hours a day.

22. Kissing people’s hands.

23. Bread, Pomegranates, Berries, Diet Coke, Cheeseburgers, Pink Champagne, and Beef Stroganoff.

24. Having something passed on from my grandma, aunts, or my mom.

25. Meeting people who understand me.

26. And of course, giving love and being loved.

The list can go on but I think that just about sums it up. What would your list look like?

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