Accessorize with Pomegranates

The Pomegranate is the national fruit of Armenia and happens to be my favorite fruit at the same time. When I was a kid, my grandma would visit us from Los Angeles and clean pomegranates just for me. The fruit became a symbol of her love since the cleaning process was quite the hassle. I loved my grandma more than anything in the world and the fruit reminds me of her and how much she loved and cared for me. While those days are unfortunately behind me, every time I eat  pomegranates, I think of her.

At a recent fashion show, a cute couple with Vosgeenoor were hand making custom jewelry with this special fruit. I fell in love with their work and purchased a black beaded bracelet with a rose gold, gold, and silver pomegranate charm. Their pieces are hand crafted in the USA.

Their jewelry is one of a kind and definitely worth checking out. Now when I wear my bracelet, I will not only be wearing a unique piece of jewelry but representing my heritage and my grandma.

Random Fact: The Pomegranate is supposed to bring good luck.




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