ATM T-Shirts by Anthony Thomas Melillo

I was in dire need of retail therapy after visiting the dentist to get a root canal earlier this week. Numbness and all I visited my local Barney’s CO-OP and discovered the best tee-shirt brand by far. I live in tee-shirts…like I wear them to sleep and out to dinner type of deal. Basic luxury is just kind of my thing. I purchased a tank, a tee, and a long sleeve scoop neck.

For day time, I wear my tee’s with colorful skinny jeans to add interest or just with linen pants.

The perfect tee-shirt can be paired with a pair of black pencil trouser pants, heels, and a statement necklace for night time. Choosing silkier materials with wool or jersey blends work best.

ATM by Anthony Thomas Melillo is a high-end yet affordable tee-shirt line bound to be an instant must-have in any woman’s or man’s wardrobe.

Made in Peru from the finest cotton’s, I have found my ultimate go to tee-shirt! For now, ATM is exclusive to Barney’s.

Check them out.

Photo Credit: Elle


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