Water Calligraphy by Kilian

WATER CALLIGRAPHY by Kilian is a scent built on the idea of water being the essential element for calligraphy. Kilian products carry a hefty price tag but because I enjoy perfume so much, I try to be up to date on the newest and most coveted scents. This perfume stays on for hours and I wake up to my pillow smelling divine.

Water Calligraphy carries scents of grapefruit, vetiver, and jasmine.  Vetiver is my favorite essential oil and tastes delicious as a tea.

Kilian himself is a heir to a long line of cognac makers and the grandson of the founder for LVMH group.

Find a complete Kilian counter at Saks Fifth Avenue. Water Calligraphy is one of their newest launches, $235.00.

I love my Dolce & Gabbana and Prada perfumes dearly but it is nice to be out of the ordinary sometimes.

Photo Credit: Kilian


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