Lululemon Wonder Leggings

Don’t you hate it when leggings become transparent or jeez, stretch out? Isn’t that an oxymoron. Yeah, yeah, leggings aren’t pants and I shouldn’t be wearing them outside of the gym but tough luck. My old favorite brand for leggings was American Apparel but move over AA, granola yogi Lululemon has taken over. I recently invested in a pair of the Wunder Under Pant from Lululemon  Athletica  for $78 and even baby jesus congratulated me on my purchase. I know it’s kind of a hefty price tag for spandex but trust me, it is soo worth it. Hoorah to more days where I dress in work out clothes and pretend to “work out” just because I am too lazy to dress in normal clothes. In my opinion, I look pretty damn cute.



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