Weekly Fuss

Looks like it is that time of the week again…Ha! So, this fuss sparked from watching girls walking down the street as I go to work. I park my car, get all my belongings, and start walking up Larchmont Boulevard to get an iced coffee from the local coffee shop. Behind me, I hear annoying clicking hitting the uneven cement. As I turn, OF COURSE I see a serious case of “Wearing heels that are too big or simply too high.” Ugh! First of all, can you please wear shoes that fit? Second, can you make sure you do not look like you are trying too hard 9 AM in the morning with your 4 inch heels? It works the opposite, instead of looking cute, taller, sexier, etc… people are just going to laugh at you.

I know, heels are a pain in the butt…I have been wearing them for years. At a previous job, I would have to wear heels 6-7 hours a day running up and down 3 stories, several times a day (cough, department store rhymes with Lordstrom) and it was awful. But, I learned to maneuver without looking like a loser.


1. Wear heels with a higher platform, it helps release some the stress off the ball of your foot.

2. Wear foot petals! They work! Even drug-stores sell them!

3. Think about your situation and which type of heel would be most suitable.

Example: A picnic  would require more of a wedge heel rather than a pointy heel.(Grass hates Heels)

4. Find an alternative to wearing heels. Maybe a dressy patent flat?

Whatever you do, please do not look like you are being tortured across The Sahara Desert as you are walking to your next destination.


via blogs.timeslive.co.za


2 thoughts on “Weekly Fuss

  1. Those were some great tips! I definitely learned the hard way that pointy heels and grass are bitter enemies… but I’ll never make that mistake again!


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