Savvy Pickett Fences gals!

I must say, I am so fortunate to have my work family! We are all so close and have been there for each other through thick and thin. With past experiences at other positions, drama was constant. At Pickett Fences on Larchmont Boulevard–the only drama created is through reenactments of last night’s Gossip Girl. I admire them all for their hard work and friendship! I am also inspired by my Pickett gals–check out their blogs and projects!

Monica Gutierrez aka Baby Moni: Cool like the summer breeze with her Ray-Bans, Glitter Converse, and British ELLE magazines. Read her modern fashion/lifestyle blog and “LIKE” her page on Facebook!

Blog: Monicais    Facebook: Monicais page

Katie Brackeen aka Katester: The most stylish person I know. She can wear a dress made out of cockroaches for all I know, and look fabulous! Visit her on her personal Etsy site! Vintage galore.

Etsy : BeforeAfton

Kristen Wilson aka K-dub: An angel on earth. Literally. Saving one kitten at a time, visit her personal website and see how you can be fashionable and help out a charity!

Website: Stich of HOPE

I love my girls.



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