Weekly Fuss

Everyone who knows me, knows,  my cynical sense of humor.

A list of things that just bother me for no reason what so ever:

1. Adults drinking milk in public.

2. Kids that “act” cute.

3. Non pedicured feet.

4. Slow drivers.

5. People who eat with their mouth open.

6. Sharing a plate at a restaurant.

7.  Desperate girls.

8. Men with highlights.

9.  Yellow teeth.

10. Men with long finger nails. (omg ew)

11. Updating Facebook with useless information.

12. Kitten heels, platform flip flops, and open toe booties.

13. Babies that do not smile when you try to make them laugh.

14. Eating every little thing on your plate.

15. Ordering a non fat, soymilk, macchiato, steamed milk, 3 pumps vanilla, room temperate coffee at Starbucks.



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