Weekly Fuss

Fact: People ask a lot of stupid questions. A question that really bothers me though is the “So…what do you want to do with your life?” after you tell them your current work/school/lifestyle situations. In society, we are taught that to be considered successful, one has to make a lot of money in their career. For that reason, people strive to become doctors or lawyers to not only have a prestige working title but to fulfill the social norm that is expected. Why is it that people measure success with how much schooling you have achieved or how much money you make?

 My personal motto on such matters is to simply do what makes you happy and do not care what others think. I do not care to make a lot of money ( although I understand money is relative)–I  do what I am most passionate about and strive to live a comfortable and happy life (even if that means giving up a fat paycheck). If a person is content with being a salesperson at Macy’s–more power to you! With that said, if your calling is to become a big shot investment banker then go for it! The world needs more of you. I guess the moral of the story is that not everyone’s vision of success is the same and we need to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves. Also, make sure passion is the drive in all your motives–NOT your ego.

You can have all the money in the world…

For the hater: Calm down. It is really cool that you are a law school student at a top-notch law school but do you take the time to enjoy life and see people for who they really are? Or do you strictly prefer to converse about superficial matters like BMW’s and how cute your new toy poodle is? It is also a big possibility that the only reason you chose this route is to make your parents happy. Wake up people.

For the one being hated on: Do not feel threatened by others. Half the time, people are jealous and want to rain on your parade–or simply do not know any better. Feel confident in your life choices and do not think about changing it just to look good in front of your peers.

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