Weekly Fuss

I know most of my rants are about working in retail–but for you retail virgins, it is quite the scene! Reality show anyone? (shout out to my Pickett peeps)  New pet peeve scenario:

(customer walks in store…)

Associate: Hello, welcome!

Customer: I am just browsing, no thank you!!!

Associate: uh. okay. that is great. I just said hello….lol

Um..yes. THAT type of incident has happened to the best of us. I completely understand where it comes from sometimes–most customers just automatically think you want to sell them something but common the least you can do is greet back! Not all stores work off of commission and we just want to be nice and welcome you to the store, is that a crime? haha. When this happens to me, I literally say “alright..good for you, just saying hi”. It really bothers me. I have worked retail since I was 17, I know every IN and every OUT, therefore I can complain all I want 🙂

 via minyanville.com


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