Weekly Fuss

I hate people who are cheap. Oh, and there is a difference between being cheap and not being able to afford something (let’s make that clear.) I also want to add, I love a good bargain and who does not like to save money? That is not the reasoning behind my weekly fuss. I also want to say, If I have $5.00 left in my bank account, know that I will buy you and myself a bag of Cheetos to share, probably leaving more for you so you are not hungry!  Okay, so why do people have to be penny pinchers? I just do not understand this concept. First of all, we all work none of us are making millions of dollars (yet)- that does not excuse you from being a cheapy!

I cannot stand when I am out to dinner with people and they want to split the bill to the exact dollar. So what if I ate something that cost $3.oo more than what you ate (It is only $3.oo, and now everyone knows you are cheap.) What is worse than being just plain cheap, is being RICH and cheap haha. If you can afford to buy everyone a round of drinks why do you not do it? Trust me, that favor will be returned. Also, if I do not have money for valet, can you just loan me the $5.oo and I will buy you a drink. No big deal.

What is really bad too, is people who do not share their food because THEY bought it. If I want to eat some of your chips, I should not feel guilty! I will buy a bag of chips one day and YOU can eat all of it if you want! Oh, and let us not forget, If I ask you to buy me a bottle of water, do I really need to give you $2.oo? I will buy you a coffee next time.

Rules on where to NOT be cheap under any circumstances:


2. 21st Birthday gifts (Common, they deserve the dom perignon haha)

3. Wedding gifts (These people are only getting married once!)

4. House dinner parties (Let them eat cake!)

5. Inviting others out to dinner (do not have people planning their next meal)

6. Being the designated driver (Do not ask people to pay for your gas)

7. Food ( We do not live in a 3rd world country, we can all afford to eat right)

8. A good Haircut (You will regret otherwise)

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