Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got!

Alright. I am 5’5 weighing in about 112 pounds. Yes, I am skinny! I wear a size 25 pant, a size XS on top. One of the biggest pet peeves that I have is when people automatically think that I do not eat! OR when I talk too much about food, they think I am trying to convince them or overcompensate for my weight- I hate that pressure.

“You are so skinny! Eat!”

“Ugh can you eat? It isn’t fair that you are that skinny!”

“Do you work out to stay skinny?” etc. etc. etc. You get the idea!

Here it is peeps, I EAT!!! The amount of food I eat, is borderline abnormal. I am always hungry too. I cannot ever say no to food! I love food. I get more excited to eat than anything else (maybe not more than shopping). I love nothing more than to go out to dinner and chow down! It is almost like a hobby. I am probably going to get cholesterol in the near future haha. I mean, I get it if you are jelly(it is pretty amazing how I do not gain much weight). For now, I  say it is to good genes. Wait till I am 25 when all the bad habits catch up to me. Let us talk then.

What I ate yesterday alone:

9 AM- Cereal Bar

10 AM- Blueberry Bagel

11 AM- Yogurt Parfait + Vanilla Latte

1 PM- Pad thai (yum)

3 PM- Paid thai (again)

5 PM- Chocolate Cake

9 PM- Paid thai (again lol)

10 PM- 2 Cream Cheese Bagels



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