Cosmopolitan Beirut– Feature in W magazine


Browsing the pages of W magazine, my eyes froze when I came across a feature article involving Beiruit, Lebanon, also known as the high society capital of the middle east. Journalist Christopher Bagley lives his experience in Beirut through the eyes of the natives and tells his story.

Lebanese people are known to be lively and all around party loving. Even with continuous wars and unrest, the people continue to throw parties or  a “hafla” in arabic, whenever they have an opportunity. Christopher also had a chance to meet  with retail entrepeneur Tony Salame , the owner of a luxurious shopping emporium in downtown Beirut. The emporium is home to stores like Burberry, Chloe, and Dior. The streets of the pedestrian shopping mall are flocked with tanned middle-aged men with their well-kept women who are draped in LANVIN necklaces. As far as the Lebanese woman goes, Salame has an interesting take:

 “The Lebanese woman will buy the same designer item as a European woman, but she’ll wear it in a sexier way. And she’ll wear it at lunchtime.”

Beirut is also a growing market for plastic surgery. Visit Doctor Husami like the Saudi princesses and get all the necessary work done. An interesting fact that I did not know is that banks in Beirut offer special “plastic surgery” loans for those who need a little help. Oh and do not let the smoking in the offices deter you.

The article continues to talk about Beirut’s hot nightclubs, artists, and overall rich culture. 

 Check it out:

via W magazine 


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