SPARK Woodfire Grill

I had driven past this Studio City restaurant many times and made mental notes to myself that I want to eat there one day. Finally on a week day last week, I decided to give SPARK a little visit. This woodfire style restaurant which has three locations, Studio City, Huntington Beach, and Beverly Hills, is amazing. Walking in, the space is cozy and dimly lit. The menu is a take on Italian with a twist. Options include gourmet pizzas, healthy salads, creative pastas, rotisserie meats and delightful add-on side dishes. I decided on the tuna tartare for starters which was fresh and light.  My main course consisted of a zesty arugula salad with side orders of creamed spinach and garlic green beans. For dessert, I had an all time classic, the homemade Tiramisu. The food was delicious and beautifully prepared. I also enjoyed a cocktail off of their artful drink menu. With a collaboration of fine dining, an attentive waiter, and good laughs my night was quite memorable. I recommend this restaurant for anyone who is planning a romantic date or just wants to enjoy a nice dinner with friends or loved ones. I will visit again soon for my woodfire fix.

Visit Spark Woodfire Grill :

Favorite dish of the night: Creamed Spinach



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