Alain Manoukian–Fashion Designer

Named after himself, Alain Manoukian is a very well-known label in Europe.  With more than 180 stores in France, Greece,Portugal, Spain, Belgium and the far east, I have recently discovered this French Armenian designer. I came across his name while reading an article on famous French Armenians, and could not help to do further research. Being Armenian myself and loving fashion, his story definitely sparked my interest. He works closely with his wife Danielle Manoukian, who specializes in knitwear. The label hit their peak in the early 80s and 90s and are now working on restructuring the brand and re introducing Alain Manoukian. His style is very simple and conservative. Similar American designers would be J.Crew, Banana Republic, or Ann Taylor. For more information on Manoukian, visit his website at . The website is in french, but pretty easy to figure out.



One thought on “Alain Manoukian–Fashion Designer

  1. It’s unfortunate that such a prestigeous brand like this has unprofessionals running its franchise in Egypt. Its spreading such a negative image and really ruining your reputation. I am ready to go further if you are interested.

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