Stylish blogger award & the 7 facts challenge <3

Who wouldn’t be so excited to receive a Stylish blogger award? Any time I get any compliments or praise, I get so happy inside! I want to thank Maria at for thinking of me as a stylish blogger hehe. Maria’s blog is all about high fashion, inspirational photos, and great style 😉 make sure to check her out!

So this how it works:

1. Say Merci to the person who thought you were fabulous ( THANK YOU MARIA)

2. Name 7 facts about yourself!

3. Give the award to 7 stylish bloggers, and comment to let them know 😉

1. I sing and dance a long to any song, my passion for music is unexplainable. I can swear I was a performer in my past life. Nothing cures my blues like a night of dancing. My secret dream is to be a go-go dancer haha.

2.  I love the 70’s! A part of me really wishes I lived in the 70’s for the fashion and disco. Nothing sounds more glamorous to me than a Halston dress. I would do anything to be able to party at studio 54 with Bianca Jagger and Blondie.

3. I collect Louis Vuitton handbags. LV is one of my favorite fashion brands due to its classic timeless style. I can thank my mother for this expensive collection because growing up, it was also her favorite handbag brand. I own 6 as of now, including one that was my mother’s first Louis Vuitton from when she was a teenager! Call me Jessica Simpson!

4. I am obsessed with love. I love LOVE! Whether it is for my family, friends, or boyfriend. I am a very loving and caring human being. Everything about me involves passion and affection. There is nothing more I want from a person than to love me the way I love them. Without it, what is the point of living? truly.

 5. Being the feminine girly-girl that I am, of course my favorite color is pink! THINK PINK! is my life motto. Pale pinks for dress, rich pinks for home decor, any pink for anything else. Pink makes me happy.

6. Weighing in at 113 lbs, many people think I am not much of a eater. WRONG! I enjoy nothing more than good food and lots of it. I look at food as a form of entertainment, enjoyment, art, etc. After breakfast, I am already thinking what I will be having for lunch! Growing up in a household where food has always been a way to bring the family together, I cherish a good dinner. I have been to a million and one restaurants, and will continue to do so hehe.

7. I have trouble with the thought of growing up. I want to be young and innocent forever. Thinking back to my childhood, I love the feeling of nostalgia and having not a care in the world. I tend to disconnect myself from reality and live in a dream. I hate how time passes so fast, I can’t ever catch up.

Here are 7 of my favorite blogs (passing on the challenge):









3 thoughts on “Stylish blogger award & the 7 facts challenge <3

  1. my favorite post thus far!!!! a;ldjf ❤ .. I LOVE your LV little fact! when I think about it, it's SO classic, and the fact that you have your mom's original one, is beyond sentimental ❤

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