Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

Now, those of you who know me KNOW my favorite color is PINK!!!! What greater way to support the breast cancer foundation by stocking up everything pink! On a serious note though, aside from skin cancer, breast cancer is the second most common form of cancer in women. Not only that, but 1 in 35 women will die from it. Support!

Bobbi Brown $40/set

Ralph Lauren pink pony $95.00

Chapstick $8.00

Clinique key chain $16.00

Shiseido Lip Gloss $20.50

Ipod sport armband $24.99

Gorjana bracelet $38.00

Razor set $5.00

La Mer watch $90.00 exclusively at Bloomingdale's*

little PINK bag $20.00 exclusively at Bloomingdale's

tweezerman tweezer $20.00

Toywatch $225.00 exclusively at Bloomingdale's

Michael Kors VERY HOLLYWOOD set $18.00 exclusively at Bloomingdale's

p.s.  All Bloomingdale locations are offering their customers to donate $1-$5 donations that will benefit the cause!



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