The best Philly Cheesestakes in town

Location: Philadelphia Sandwiches

11112 Magnolia Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Neighborhood: North Hollywood

Telephone: (818) 985-4929

North Hollywood is usually not my side of town but I will definitely make a trip for a philly cheese steak sandwich from Philadelphia Sandwiches. I love philly cheese steaks with a passion; even the ones that at the food court. Bread (check) Cheese (check) Meat (check) what more could you want? Philadelphia Sandwiches is a family owned restaurant owned by an older russian couple in the heart of North Hollywood/Valley Village. The place is decorated with old newspaper clippings dating all the way back to the 40’s (It is pretty awesome). The menu is straight to the point, the portions are big, good quality products, and the prices are affordable as well. I have had many cheese steaks in my life, the ones from this local joint definitely make the top list.

My favorite :  A large philly mushroom cheese steak with mayo.



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