Christian Louboutin opens store in Beirut, Lebanon!

Considered to be the “Pearl of the middle east” by YSL, and called “The Paris of the middle-east” by many, Beirut was a no brainer for Christian Louboutin. The store is located in one of the fastest growing lifestyle centers in Lebanon.  Christian Louboutin says :

 “The Beirut launch is very significant because there’s a very sophisticated Middle Eastern client who wants the very best in footwear for every occasion and they want it presented in a space that resonates with the new world that is fast emerging in the Middle East while staying true to their customs.”

“The Beirut store is exciting as my clients have the chance to see my life up close and personal – the photos, the facets of the store and the collections have all been handpicked by me with the Lebanese client in mind.”

I am very proud to be Lebanese Armenian and I am very excited about this new venture.

Christian Louboutin

WWD newspaper,


3 thoughts on “Christian Louboutin opens store in Beirut, Lebanon!

  1. this is perfect! It just makes my heart melt a little more than it was already when I read ‘Louboutin’. Did you get to meet him when he came here? I wanted to so badly but sadly I was very late 😦

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