Smittys Grill: Pasadena

Smittys Grill

110 S. Lake Ave, Pasadena, 91101

On a recent dining adventure ( I tend to have one too many of these) I came across Smittys Grill in Pasadena’s South Lake district. Located on Lake Ave between Colorado Blvd and Del Mar Blvd. For starters, I love old-town Pasadena because of its beautiful architecture, unique restaurants, and its old-time city feel. Dining at Smittys was an experience that I will not forget. Living in one of the hippest cities Los Angeles, most restaurants are so focused on being the next “hotspot” they never build character. Smittys not only has Americana character, but dining here takes you somewhere else. The black and white pictures on the wall, big comfy booths, attentive staff, and the dim lighting makes you feel as if you are dining at home. Although I love the trendy restaurants, it is nice to take it back to basics once in a while.

Ambience: Comfort, Cozy, and Welcoming.

Cuisine: American with an emphasis on the classics. The Beef Stroganoff is amazing. By far my favorite dish!

Click Here for the menu :



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