Cannot live without these beauty tools


When it comes to our face or our hair we do not play around. I love my straightening iron and my eyelash curler. When looking for a new straightening iron I recommend anything by CROC. I currently have the CROC 1 infrared flat iron. Yes, I know, It is quite expensive but your hair will love you.It locks in moisture, you can use it wet to dry, it reduces fly aways, and frizz. I have used about every brand and no other brand comes close to CROC. This one retails at around $169.00, but there are less expensive ones that are just as great! Online, you can visit,|6678|croc%20straightening%20iron||S||4042572861&gclid=CIPyiqPB66MCFQsEbAodaQuX3Q to see all the different ones!

As for the most amazing eyelash curler, I have found Shu Uemura’s to be the best. These curlers curl even the shortest of lashes. It does not pinch my skin nor does it create this weird angle in my lashes. I love it and my lashes turn out beautiful with every use. This one retails for $19.00 and you can find it at


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